Foundation Repair

Soil, due to its constantly changing nature, can negatively impact the foundation of your home.  Check and see if your home is in need of the expert foundation repair service provided by Basement Bro’s experienced team.  Below are a few indicators that you can use to determine if your home is in need of attention.  If you notice of any of these signs of a deteriorating or aging foundation, contact us today for a quick and permanent solution.

  • Are your windows and doors hard to open?
  • Are your window or door frames showing any noticeable gaps?
  • Is the interior plaster on your walls cracking?
  • Does your ceiling wall have one too many nail pops?
  • Are you walls “leaning?”
  • Are your floors uneven?
  • Is your chimney tilting?
  • Is your foundation sinking or have noticed cracks in it?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes!” then we can help fix your home in a timely and affordable manner.  As the majority of these warning signs can become serious problems over time, it is best to take control over any damage to you home as early as possible to ensure a quick and easy fix.  


The foundational repairs that Basement Bro offers are permanent structural solutions to your damaged property, not quick cosmetic fixes that will need to be revisited year after year and cost a great deal over time.  Our Foundation repairs are to the highest standards for a great price. 


You would be surprised how much difference our cost effective solutions will make to the structure and appearance of your home.  Our foundation repairs will ensure the longevity of the biggest investment you have.  Not to mention the peace of mind that it will give to know that you have avoided more costly repairs in the future. 

If you have any basement issues, get in touch with us and we will attend to it immediately. We are actively working in these locations: VaughanRichmond HillMarkhamThornhillNewmarket.

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