Apartment & Separate Entrance

Transforming a basement into an apartment with an independent entrance is, in fact, one of the most popular basement conversions that we are asked to undertake.

This type of apartment is ideal for older parents, grown children still living at home, visiting friends and family, or even to rent out for a little extra income.

Often the basement space under a house offers an additional 50% more usable floor space which can easily be divided into a good sized sitting room, kitchen area, one or two bedrooms and a bathroom.

You can keep access to this area with your existing inside stairway so when the apartment is not being used by guests you can enjoy it as a home gym, office, children’s play room, meditation centre, or even just make the most of the extra storage space and bathroom.

At Basement Bro, before we carry out any kind of basement transformation we always thoroughly inspect the underlying structure of your property to ensure that there are no unresolved problems with cracked walls, damaged foundations, leaking downspouts, other leaks, mold, damp spots, inadequate insulation or other common basement issues.

We know that everything behind your drywall panels has to be in dry and excellent condition if your basement renovation is to last a lifetime – which is what we offer in our 100% limited lifetime transferable warranty. Like you, we know that there is no point spending your money on luxurious finishes if in a short time damp, mold and other humidity problems start to reappear.

If we do find that your basement is damp and full of mildew we will carry out the necessary repairs to ensure that you have optimum circulation of air and humidity levels to transform it into a warm, dry and healthy place for you and your family to enjoy.

If your basement is gloomy and dark and the style of construction permits, we can cut out egress windows or French doors so that more natural light can flood in. Alternatively, we are experts in installing recessed and other types of ceiling lights so that you get excellent artificial lighting making your once dank and gloomy below grade space into a bright and energized part of your home.

Please take a few moments to look through some of the basement-to-apartment transformations we show here in our gallery. We have numerous testimonials from satisfied customers that we will be pleased to show you on request.

If you wish we can put you in touch with our home loan experts who can help arrange financing to cover the costs of your basement renovation project. With no interest due until 2015, and monthly payment starting as low as $99, this winter could be the perfect time to take the plunge and achieve the larger, more comfortable home you have always dreamed of.

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