Kitchen & Bar

Kitchens and bars are a great addition and an asset especially if you have a walk out basement. If you’re having a barbeque it allows you to access the kitchen without having to go up and down the stairs and you can prepare an entire meal without too much effort. It is also a great asset when you have a large dinner party and you need to cook or store extra food for your events especially holidays where family and friends gather for a great meal. Sometimes and extra oven or fridge is needed and this where your basement kitchen comes in handy!

Kitchens are central to any home and having a well-designed and beautiful kitchen is a dream for many. At Basement Pro we can make that dream a reality with our reasonable prices and amazing workmanship. Our staff can help you with all the details from flooring, cabinets to even carving right the right spaces out if you have appliances already in mind. We can include all the amenities of a kitchen without ever feeling like it isn’t your primary kitchen.  

Bars are also great for storing alcohol such as including a digital wine cooler and enjoying a night in with friends and family. We can help with every step of the process and can deliver even on the most creative of designs; making it as original as you’d like. Our work is flawless and top quality, we take a lot of time and effort to execute and plan any project out to ensure that we are efficient and that we can anticipate all issues prior to breaking ground.  Our proactive approach saves us time and cost and we pass on those savings to you. Our crews are knowledgeable and talented as well as considerate while in your home. We have access to the best supplies and tools so no matter your design we are happy to bring it to life.

If you have any basement issues, get in touch with us and we will attend to it immediately. We are actively working in these locations: VaughanRichmond HillMarkhamThornhillNewmarket.

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