Laundry, Pantry, Cedar Closet

Laundry rooms at times are not the most attractive spaces in your home, however we can make this room look and feel great. Allowing for enough space to accommodate perhaps one of the least pleasant of chores with closets and shelving to help you stay organized, a space to fold and store your family’s clothing items. Some things do not go into the dryer and you need a space to hang and dry clothing without having to go outside to a clothing line. At Basement Bro we can spruce up your space to include all the necessities involved with all things laundry and make it comfortable and practical.

Storage is always the most sought after feature in any home, having a proper place to store your non-perishables and other goods safely and in an organized manner allows you to have a clean and uncluttered space. At Basement Bro, we make sure you have the space you need by created a space that is insulated and dry to prevent any damage to your belongings. A pantry is a great way to accommodate both a great space and your goods. This allows you to have everything within reach and easily accessible which in turn will prevent you from over spending on items that already are in your pantry. At Basement Bro we can build you a pantry that will give you all the extra storage you need!

Cedar closets are also something that we do well; it is a great way to keep your closet smelling wonderful and helps with keeping moths away. We can ensure that the closet is built properly and is resistant to cooler and perhaps more humid conditions. If you already have a closet in place, we can also discuss options to include cedar without tearing anything down.

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