Give your feet a new floor to walk and rest on. From elaborately designed tiles to wood-composite panels to wall-to-wall carpeting we have just the right floor covering solution for your home. Basement Bros installs and supplies quality floor covering products from a wide variety of styles, materials and surface finishing.

  • Carpet
    Basement Bro uses materials of only the highest quality to guarantee that our customers enjoy their new carpet for a long time.  Our staff is trained with expert knowledge and will enquire about your specific carpeting needs.  We will guide you through various styles, colors and comfort levels to make sure that you make the right choice for your home or office.  

  • Wood
    Wood floors are becoming the most popular choice when it comes to flooring renovation.  After contacting Basement Bro you will be offered a choice of our wide variety of styles and colors. If you have any questions or concerns about the technical side of installing hardwood floors, we are more than equipped to answer them.  Our talented team have conquered a number of complex design and implementation scenarios and will ensure your future comfort.

  • Stone
    For a more classic look, Basement Bro will provide stone flooring installation.  You can turn your house into palace with our affordable range of styles and materials.  With recent improvements to the stone cutting process you can add a majestic and historic aesthetical to your already beautiful home for a very reasonable price.  Like the majority of home renovations, adding stone floors will add considerable value to your home.  This makes renovation a great investment.

  • Ceramic
    Ceramic floors are another favorite of our customers, they are extremely easy to maintain and also provide a hypoallergenic solution should you, or anyone in your family be sensitive to such irritations.  The versatile nature of ceramic tiles allows our creative team to work with you and create your design.

  • Laminate
    This type of flooring is another very versatile material and can be manufactured in such a way that it will approximate the appearance of a number of different floor types.  For an affordable flooring solution, laminate floors are a durable and well tested product.

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