Fireplace & Family Room

A downstairs family room with a fireplace makes the perfect, intimate, private den, - a special place to curl up on snowy evenings with a good book or great film, or a room to kick back with your feet up on an ottoman and just watch the fiery glow.

A carpeted basement with a fireplace will always appear very cozy and warm. The fireplace adds a focal point besides the TV and helps to dispel that chilly, underground look and feel that older basements sometimes have. Our Basement Bro builders can install fireplaces into the external walls or even create a two way fireplace to divide your room. There are many types of fireplace surrounds that can add style and comfort to your family space and if you add a large comfortable couch or two, warm décor, throw rugs, cushions, books, photographs and other personal items, your neglected and underused basement will suddenly seamlessly fit into the rest of your home and become one of the most sought after rooms that is enjoyed by all.

In order to completely get rid of the cool, dank, below grade feel it is imperative to inspect thoroughly your underlying basement structure to be sure that any foundation, wall, and moisture problems are adequately resolved once and for all.

Basement Bro’s inspection and evaluation team will triple check to make sure that no moisture is leaching in and will waterproof, damp proof, and install adequate insulation to keep the heat in and your energy bills low so that your basement becomes the warm, dry and cozy place you have always wanted.

We can also revamp your existing lighting, perhaps by cutting out egress windows so that the natural daylight can flood in, or by installing optimal recessed lighting with a dimmer switch so that you can adjust your artificial light according to the time of day and the atmosphere you want to create.

We have combined many Ontario basement family rooms with other uses too. As you’ll see in our gallery, some of our most successful below grade family rooms feature a glass-walled off gym area or a mini kitchen too, so that our clients can work out or prepare snacks and still be part of the family group. Others added an office and homework space in one corner, or a play area for younger children. How your family room ends up looking depends on the ages of your children and how you want to use your newly available space.

Whatever kind of family room you are thinking of having, Basement Bro is here to give you an experienced and professional architectural and construction hand. We can transform your dreams into reality and at very affordable rates – we can even arrange financing with no interest due until 2015 so this winter could be the perfect time to realize your home remodelling plans.

If you would like to know more about our family room and fireplace basement transformations please contact us online. We would love to discuss your ideas with you and even offer some of our own that you may not even have thought of.

Call Basement Bro today and take the first step in creating the home you have always wanted. If you have any basement issues, get in touch with us and we will attend to it immediately. We are actively working in these locations: VaughanRichmond HillMarkhamThornhillNewmarket.

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