Downspout Repair & Replacements


Clogged or leaky downspouts can lead to water damaging your property’s foundation. At Basement Bros, we have experience replacing or repairing underground downspouts to prevent excessive water from deteriorating your property. This is an extremely effective preventative measure that will protect your home from severe and expensive damage.  With Basement Bro’s tried and tested underground downspouts you can limit the build-up of water around the foundation of your property.  This will provide a long term, affordable solution to future water damage.



A less-than-optimal or poorly designed roof pitch is typically the culprit behind roof drainage problems, which causes water to build up in the gutter, collecting debris and contributing to rust. At Basement Bros, we can make the drainage above your head good as new, keeping water where it belongs: away from your home. Our team of professionals will be able to accurately assess the functionality of your overhead drainage system and address any problems that they may encounter.  If your guttering is damaged then we are able to offer full service repairs and guarantee that your drainage system will protect your property from water damage.  Basement Bro can also fully install a new drainage system designed specifically to your exact requirements.


Waterproofing Add-Ons

At Basement Bro, we encourage our clients to take full advantage of our waterproofing add-on solutions. 

Basement Bro carries and installs a variety of add-on solutions that will enhance the living conditions of your basement and further deter water from damaging your space.

  • Backwater valve installation
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Dryer Vent Hose
  • Ice Guard Mold Treatment

Basement Bro can help you claim your City of Toronto flood prevention rebate. We have installed many backwater valves in Toronto and fully document the process to help you expedite your flood prevention rebate claim. If you have any basement issues, get in touch with us and we will attend to it immediately. We are actively working in these locations : VaughanRichmond HillMarkhamThornhillNewmarket.


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