Other Services

Basements are not the only thing that we specialize in; our capabilities range and include transforming basements from damp, cold and unfinished to insulated, warm and appealing spaces. We also are experts in kitchen renovations, updating your kitchen to a modern and functional feel for the entire family. Bathrooms are also another area that we are knowledgeable in, making your bathroom beautiful and spa like for your own special oasis is what we love to do. Everything we do is strictly up to building code standards. Regulations play a large part in our business and we take that factor very seriously in everything that we do.

If you are tired of having carpet in your home, we are happy to rip it out and install gorgeous flooring. Whether it is hardwood, laminate or tiles, we have access to the most gorgeous materials and in keeping with competitive prices we pass on some savings on to our customers. There are varieties of combinations of flooring as well and gorgeous designs that will enhance your home and bring your décor together. Our installation teams are knowledgeable and we are able to anticipate the best choices to suggest based on your specific situation and design in mind.

Doors and windows are essential to keeping your energy consumption low, we can help you remove old windows and doors that are not energy efficient and in the end cost you a lot more than replacing them. With modern technology and exceptional installation, we can install new windows and doors to be both attractive and functional.

We also have services dedicated to the outside of your home. Curb appeal is just as important as the inside of your home. We can help you design and maintain your landscape to optimize the look and feel that the lot your home resides on.

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