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24 Dec

Most homeowners in Vaughan and the GTA automatically assume that winter is not a good time for basement finishing. However, this is far from from the truth. Winters may be harsh, but it may just be the best time to focus on your basement finishing project.

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16 Dec

If a group of 100 people are asked, “where’s the most humid place in your home?” Undoubtedly, a larger percentage of this group will mention their basement. Therefore, how to prevent basement humidity is one thing most homeowners should know, especially in the GTA, where most basements are attached to the house.


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09 Dec

The basement has become synonymous with creepy and unsettling. However, there are amazing basement renovation ideas to eliminate that stereotype. In this article, you will learn new and innovative ways of transforming your basement.

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08 Dec

Finishing your basement is an easy way to expand the habitable capacity of your home. If you’re renovating your basement, plans on how to renovate the basement become an important question that needs answers. 


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27 Nov

If you are one who loves to unwind with alcoholic beverages, wouldn't it be nice to have a relaxing spot in the house - a place where you can chill by yourself or with friends? What if you could convert an old, dinghy storage room into a fabulous basement bar? Instead of storage boxes, you could have bottles of alcoholic beverages. You wouldn't be the only person in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) thinking the same thing. In fact, plenty of people already have a fully functional bar, an entertainment center right in the basement.


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02 Nov

The timeline for basement renovation varies. It depends on the complexity of the tasks that will go into finishing your basement. Your basement renovation may take you only a couple of days. In some cases, The standard time it takes to finish a basement is 4-8 weeks. Hence, you need to first determine what you want to do with the renovations.

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30 Oct

The cost of basement renovations in the GTA depends on several factors, including the potential plan for the basement. For instance, the pricing for basement finishing depends on whether you are working with an open-plan or a more robust plan with kitchen and rooms. Renovating your basement is a great way to increase your home's value and reclaim more livable space.

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23 Oct

Do you live in a home that sits on a slope? Are you looking to revamp your basement? If the answer to your questions is a loud yes, then you can consider the option of a walkout basement (sometimes mistakenly called a ‘walk up basement’). This is an ideal solution for buildings that are built or located on a slope. Instead of investing a lot of money and time on leveling down the site, opting for a walkout basement may be a better deal. Read on for more insights into the topic!

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20 Aug

Got a nicely sized basement in your house? Feeling tempted by the prospects of a regular rental income by putting up your basement for rent in Toronto? You are not alone. Thousands of homeowners have taken advantage of the sky high rents in Toronto and the GTA. In fact, whereas it was once just Toronto that was sought after, today a spacious basement for rent Brampton can be even more lucrative, with two or more tenants sharing the space.

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22 Jul

Decided on getting a basement renovations expert to remodel your basement? That’s the right way to do it. Building basements requires a deft touch and basement renovations are best entrusted to the professionals. Especially since the structural safety of your house is at stake.


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