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At Basement Bro, a Basement Finishing Experts & Basement Renovations Contractors, we see an unfinished basement as unfinished business. Enter our team — certified home building professionals who specialize in remodeling and repairing commercial and residential basements of all sizes, styles and configurations. Let us take care of your renovation or construction. If required, we have the tools to finance project of any size and budget. 

Find the right basement solution…with the right basement finishing contractor

Whether we work from the “ground up” by giving your basement a complete makeover or work on a particular section of it (e.g., modular installations), Basement Bro is your one-stop Basement Contractors who can get the job done … on time and on budget!

For a free consultation or to learn more about what we do, call us or email us today! Basement Bro is GTA & Toronto's best basement renovation and basement finishing experts.

Besides Servicing the Entire GTA, we have dedicated basement contractors and renovation experts in the following cities: Basement Renovations Markham, Basement Renovations Richmond Hill, Basement Renovations Thornhill, Basement Renovations Newmarket, Basement Renovations Vaughan, Basement Renovations Brampton, Basement Renovations Mississauga, Basement Renovations Hamilton, Basement Renovations Niagara Falls, Basement Renovations Oakville, Basement Renovations Burlington

Visually-inspiring designs and quality workmanship. The two terms define what we do at Basement Bro. Are you searching for ‘basement renovations Toronto’, ‘basement contractors Toronto’ or ‘basement remodelling Toronto’? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We here at Basement Bro have been named the most favoured service provider in Toronto and the GTA. Not simply did we earn the name. Right from the beginning, we have tried to differentiate ourselves and our services through innovation. Our 3D modelling services are an example. Our dedication to our work and commitment to delivering the best has helped us stand out in the industry. 

We have a distinct three-step process. Even before we work on a project, we hold a consultation to understand what the end-user really needs. You might ask for a granite countertop, but what you might really need is a scratch-proof one. You might have a specific place for a separate entrance in mind but might not realize that it is in right on top of the main pipeline. These and several other reasons are why we take time to understand your needs, first when it comes to ‘basement renovations Toronto’, ‘basement contractors Toronto’ or ‘basement remodelling Toronto’.

We then chart out a 3D model of the project. This three-dimensional prototype takes you through every little detail, nook and cranny, so you may be aware of what’s to come. Not only does this help us visualize and plan the project, but it also offers you a glimpse of the future, so you can identify potential concerns and we can rectify it for you. This is perhaps why when someone asks around for ‘basement renovations Toronto’, ‘basement contractors Toronto’ or ‘basement remodelling Toronto’, Basement Bro is one of the most common names you’ll hear.  

We can add to your basement with an apartment, separate entrance, bedroom, bathroom, entertainment, theatre, fireplace, family room, game room, playroom, home gym, dance floor, home office, storage room, kitchen, bar, laundry, pantry, closet, sauna, steam room, studios, open concept, wine cellar, and more. We also offer services for finished basements, including basement finishing, foundation repair, basement waterproofing, downspout repair, crawl space encapsulation, egress window wells and virtual windows. We cover the areas of Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton and Niagara Falls.

Worried about financing? For as low as $99 a month, we can get started on basement renovations Toronto, basement contractors Toronto or basement remodelling Toronto. This way, you don’t need to have a stash of cash to start on your dream project. In case you feel that installments are not the best option to pay for your basement, we can discuss a better way to finance your project. With Basement Bro, there is nothing stopping you or us, from getting your brand new basement done or your basement redone.

Why invest in a basement you ask? Well, different individuals might have different reasons to build or renovate a basement, but the one thing we can tell you is that it is worth it. Your basement might be a place to unwind or relax, with its own entertainment system and sauna. It could also be a place you go to for rejuvenation and practice, with its own gym and pool/ TT table. It could turn into a suite to house your inlaws and guests. Finally, a new basement is a great way to make some extra money through rental income. So, are you ready to get work started on your basement and looking for basement renovations Toronto, basement contractors Toronto or basement remodelling Toronto?

Basement Bro is just a call away: (647) 699-6268.

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Leave your basement remodeling needs in our hands. From end-to-end renovations to modular repairs, our services are customized to your precise specifications.

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From Ideas to Reality - Convert your basement into something useful that will enhance living conditions and add value to your property such as:


In-Law Suite or Income Property & Separate Entrance 

Bedroom & Bathroom  |  Entertainment & Home Theater  

Fireplace & Family Room  |  Game Room & Play Room  

Home Gym & Dance Floor  |  Home Office & Storage Room  

Kitchen & Bar  |  Laundry, Pantry, Cedar Closet  |  Sauna & Steam Room

Studios & Open Concept  |  Wine Cellar & Bar and more! 


For more ideas visit our Gallery. You'll be able to browse through many examples of how your unfinished basement can reach it's full potential.


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