Entertainment & Home Theatre

Your basement is the perfect space to transform into your own home entertainment and movie theatre.

This is another of Basement Bro’s most popular basement makeovers and we can connect any kind of gaming, audio visual and projection fittings you like, as well as help you design the space in which you want to see them installed.

However, before you call us in you first need to think a little about the type of home theatre space you want to create – which depends on the audience you envisage entertaining.

There are basically three general designs of home theatre that can be adapted to suit various tastes, and purposes. Many people prefer to keep their options open and create what is basically a large and adaptable sitting room, complete with big, comfortable couches and ottomans for putting your feet up, a large screen TV wall mounted at eye level, and cable TV connections, DVD and other audio visual equipment, gaming consoles and computers stored in an entertainment unit built in to the sides. In this type of room, when you’re not using the space for dedicated home movie theatre presentations you can also use it for other entertainment purposes or just to relax and listen to music or read in.

More avid movie goers may prefer to go a little more specialized and choose to install a wall projection system, tiered rows of seating with soda cup racks, and a popcorn machine, so that your home theatre has a more realistic feel of a genuine cinema.

Or perhaps you want to create a club-like atmosphere that is something in between - with a whole wall for projections and gaming, as well as snooker, table tennis or pool tables, and even a home gym area too, as well as comfortable couches to lounge on in between all that activity!

No matter what type of entertainment space you want to create, our first step at Basement Bro will always be to ensure that your basic basement structure is sound, watertight, waterproofed, properly insulated and suitable for a makeover. Without a solid underlying structure behind the scenes, there is little point investing your hard-earned money in luxurious finishings that could easily be damaged by excess humidity, damp and even mildew and mold.

If necessary, we will repair your foundation and wall cracks and bulges, unblock your down spouts that are creating waterlogged areas where moisture is leaching in, remove damp, moldy and mildewed wall and ceiling panels, install pvc damp and waterproofing materials to prevent excess humidity becoming an issue in the future, and ensure that you have adequate ventilation, insulation and heating to keep your basement healthy, warm and dry while minimizing your heating and air conditioning costs.

We will also install all the electrical fittings you need to keep cables neatly hidden behind dry wall and other finishing panels and to ensure that all your devices are easy to connect and enjoy. And we’ll make sure that you have excellent artificial lighting – perhaps with recessed lights and a dimmer switch so you can custom set the mood and level of light you prefer.

Please enjoy viewing our gallery of completed entertainment and home theatre basement transformations and feel free to contact us online if you would like the answers to any basement queries or problems you may have.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES and if you like can connect you with our financing associates who offer loans with no interest payable until 2015, and repayment plans starting from just $99 a month.

With such great financing opportunities, this winter could be the perfect opportunity for you to achieve the basement makeover of your dreams. If you have any basement issues, get in touch with us and we will attend to it immediately. We are actively working in these locations: VaughanRichmond HillMarkhamThornhillNewmarket.