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20 Aug
Preparing your basement for rent in Toronto? Finishing it Right Can Add Hundreds to Your Rent

Got a nicely sized basement in your house? Feeling tempted by the prospects of a regular rental income by putting up your basement for rent in Toronto? You are not alone. Thousands of homeowners have taken advantage of the sky high rents in Toronto and the GTA. In fact, whereas it was once just Toronto that was sought after, today a spacious basement for rent Brampton can be even more lucrative, with two or more tenants sharing the space.

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22 Jul
10 Questions To Ask Your Next Basement Renovations Contractor

Decided on getting a basement renovations expert to remodel your basement? That’s the right way to do it. Building basements requires a deft touch and basement renovations are best entrusted to the professionals. Especially since the structural safety of your house is at stake.


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22 Jul
Thinking About Taking Charge of Your Basement Finishing?

At BasementBro we are good with our hands and talented in our craft. No wonder we love DIY projects around the home too. But any good DIY-er should realize: know when to stop. Basement finishing is something a lot of people think they can do on their own. As you look at your renovated basement, you see a blank canvas. “Just a little drywall there, some tiling here…”, your mind races. And very soon 12 months have passed and your as-yet-unfinished basement has become a storage bunker.

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05 Mar
How Long Does it Take to Do a Full Basement Renovation?

Your in-laws are preparing to move in with you, in less than 2 months, and you’re worried sick that you don’t have sufficient space to accommodate them in your house. Well, why not opt for a basement renovation

Not only will remodeling your basement help you optimally use household space, but also, undoubtedly, contribute to increasing the value of your home in the real estate market. Additionally, turning your basement into an in-law suite will also help you gain the required privacy needed for marital life.

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21 Dec
Our new website is going live soon

Our new website dedicated to kitchen and bathroom renovations is going live soon.

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19 Jan
We won Best of Houzz 2015 award!

You won Best of Houzz 2015!

Hi BasementBro and congratulations,

We're writing to let you know that you've been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of our Best of Houzz 2015 awards! 
Your work won in the Customer Service category.

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30 Nov
How To Transform Your Basement Into An Apartment

Your basement is in important but usually rather ignored part of your house because of its location. Many people’s basements are usually used as storage rooms or may not be used at all. You can actually change your basement into many things and one of it is actually getting it transformed into an apartment. It is not impossible and you can transform it into a whole living space on its own and then rent it out for a good stable income.

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30 Nov
Top Tips To Prevent Leaks With Basement Landscaping

You have been a very prudent homeowner taking all the responsibilities needed in order to keep your home a safer haven for you and your family. You have been religious when it comes to calling service providers who will clean your gutters and check on your downspouts. To your dismay, however, you have noticed that water damage and leaks are still there bothering you. It is sad to note that water damage uses all effort it can to find a way and intrude into your home even when you have followed waterproofing do's and don’ts accordingly.

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30 Nov
Top Considerations For Choosing Basement Window Well Covers

What are window wells? This is the first question you will ask when you want to know how these pieces will work for you. Window wells render access points to the windows found on your basement. They too can provide a soft, more alluring touch to your home's exteriors. What makes them even more great additions to your structure is the fact that they protect possibilities of debris collecting over open wells.

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30 Nov
A Step-By-Step Guide For Converting A Basement Into A Self-Sufficient Apartment

Have you been thinking of adding more usage to your basement? Why not convert it into an apartment unit that is self sufficient? This endeavour will not merely make your basement more useful. It will definitely add value to your home in case you think of reselling it in the future or if you want to rent it out to tenants later on.

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