23 Oct
Building a Walkout Basement

Do you live in a home that sits on a slope? Are you looking to revamp your basement? If the answer to your questions is a loud yes, then you can consider the option of a walkout basement (sometimes mistakenly called a ‘walk up basement’). This is an ideal solution for buildings that are built or located on a slope. Instead of investing a lot of money and time on leveling down the site, opting for a walkout basement may be a better deal. Read on for more insights into the topic!

What is a basement walkout?

Also known as a daylight basement, a walkout basement (or basement walkout) is a basement that includes a wall that is partially exposed to accommodate or support windows and doors on the ground level. This is usually a more feasible option for a property or building that is situated on a slope. Mostly, people opt for such options during the actual construction of the house; however, if you wish to get this retro-fitted, you must keep in mind the foundation supporting your home, the existing aesthetics of the house, and any waterproofing protection (not to speak of any zoning laws and municipal permits).

With a shortage of available property in Toronto and the GTA, people are opting for basement walkouts evermore. So, if you wish to have some rent-generating living space added to your home, building a basement offers an ideal solution. At BasementBro we make building basements very easy: simply give us a call, have a site survey done and receive a quote. We take care of everything then on, including city permits, planning, construction, basement finishing and clean up.

How is a basement walkout beneficial?

If you wish to know why you should opt for a walkout basement, the following points are sure to highlight its benefits:

Natural light

One of the best features of this kind of basement is that you get more natural light. This basement type isn’t your average, sequestered cellar with only artificial light– being in a walk-up basement or walkout basement gives you a feel of being in an extended part of the house.

Additional space

You get the added advantage of having more space in your existing house, which means you can construct additional living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, or lounge areas. A smart way to use this area while also earning extra money is to rent it out as a studio, a full-size apartment, or even as storage for your business (nothing hazardous please!).

Added privacy

The benefit of walkout basements is that if you wish to use such a place for a private home or a home office, privacy is aplenty. Walkout basements typically have entrances separate from the main house, meaning there is little or no interaction with people working or living below. A few concrete stairs bring you from a walkout basement to the street, ensuring privacy for all occupants. If you have older children staying with you, they’ll surely love the freedom this gives them.

Common foundation

Another important advantage of a walkout basement is that you are not building a separate foundation– it is connected to the existing foundation or branches off from the main one you’re about to construct. Naturally, this makes walkout basements a cost-saving option on that front!

The final word

If you are living in a sloping building area and are pulling your hair out over constructing a basement, get in touch with specialized basement contractors. If you are living in Brampton, it’ll be useful to keep your basement contractors Brampton-based to avoid additional costs.

You will not only get some added living space; the resale value of your house may also shoot up. Think of all these pros before chalking out a walkout basement plan for your home with your contractor!

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