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How To Plan For Your Basement Renovation

Plan For Your Basement Renovation

Plan For Your Basement Renovation


Finishing your basement is an easy way to expand the habitable capacity of your home. If you’re renovating your basement, plans on how to renovate the basement become an important question that needs answers. 

This may seem like a lot of work. However, as experts in the basement renovation industry, we know that the results are always well worth it. Renovating your basement won't only increase the value of your home. It will also provide a relaxing space to spend some quality time. 

Like any other home remodelling project, renovating your basement should start with a beautiful design. Designing a perfect basement will require serious thought and careful planning. This project is perhaps the most expensive home upgrade you can do. Therefore, to make sure it’s worth the investment, it's only reasonable you do it properly.

Also, the cost of remodelling your basement shouldn't give you cold feet because it's affordable. The cost of renovating your basement will depend on factors like the size and how expansive your vision is. In fact, the latter is the main predictor of the project's cost. 

The effort and expenses you invest in renovating your basement are worth it. The extra space will be for you, your family and guests to always enjoy. However, before deciding to renovate, you will need details on how a typical remodel looks. Information on how to ensure the project is a success will also be required.

This article provides you with the necessary information you will need to renovate your basement. We will discuss details like how to plan for a basement renovation process and design ideas to consider. Let’s start with where you should start your planning. 

Where to Start When Planning A Basement Renovation

After deciding on renovating your basement, certain factors should be considered before you can begin. This brings us to things to do before you start planning how to renovate your basement. Below is our bottom-line counsel on how to turn your basement into a beautiful space. 

Plan your layout first

  1. Make sure the central socializing spot is an area that gets the most natural light. 
  2. TV-viewing zones should be in a darker area to create a home-theatre experience.
  3. Snacks and drinks should be stored in an area that won't involve crossing the TV. 

Things to inspect and fix before you start 

  1. Do a moisture test by taping 2-foot squares of plastic sheeting to the walls. Wait for a couple of weeks. If your foundation isn't sealed, condensation will form beneath the foundation. But if droplets form above, your basement will need dehumidifying before the basement finishing can start. 
  2. You will need to check for damages. Look out for damage in floor beams, rot, header and rim joists, and wood-framed windows. 
  3. Examine floor joists for sagging by mounting a ladder almost eye level with the joists' lower side. Look across the underside of the joists to check if any is out of the line. 
  4. Have a pro check on your house's ventilation and fuel-burning appliances to prevent carbon-monoxide buildup. 


Now you know what to do before you start your basement renovation process. It's time to learn how to plan for your basement renovation. 

How Do You Plan For A Basement Renovation

Before starting your basement renovation project, you will need to consider certain things. A thorough vision for space, and a start-to-finish budget should be ready. After all these are in place, consider the following:

What you want from a finished basement

There's no wrong or right answer to this. It depends on what or how you want your basement to appear. At times people have specific needs they can't fill above-ground. For instance, creating a room to entertain adults or a multipurpose playground for children. 

Furthermore, you may have vague goals, like increasing your home square footage. Irrespective, stay away from improvements that won't add to the resale value of your home. Focus on achievable improvements that add value and enjoyment. Comfortable furniture, a half-bath or finished flooring are examples of improvements you should implement.

How you plan to finance the project

After making a rough estimate for the project's total cost, you have to decide how much you can pay yourself. This is an important part of how to plan your basement renovation.

Paying out of your pocket shouldn’t involve touching your emergency funds. Instead, you can cover the difference through financial options with low-cost like home equity loans. You can also choose to use a personal loan.

Permit requirements and DIY potential

The former depends on the municipal building codes in your country or city. For instance, the regulations for basement renovation in the GTA varies from one city to another. The permits necessary for basement finishing in Toronto are different from that of Vaughan.

The order of work and project timeframe

Before starting any serious work, make sure you have an estimate of the project's duration. You should also know the order in which the vision for your basement will all come together. For efficiency's sake, you should be able to move project components around.


After renovations, you will need some essentials that will make the basement ready to use. So let's talk about the essential installations to plan for. 

Essential Elements of a Finished Basement

For a finished basement to be habitable, it has to be safe, comfortable and climate-controlled. The necessary things that make a basement habitable includes:

Safe entry and exit

Before a basement renovation is deemed complete, you should be able to access your basement through several means like: 


  1. Ground-level entry through a back door if the house is built on a slope. 
  2. Descending open external steps to the garden entrance 
  3. Descending internal staircase 
  4. Ladder to a door in the foundation wall.


A common way of upgrading entry and exit points include: 


  1. Interior staircase railings 
  2. Sliding doors
  3. Exit window 
  4. Upstairs entry

Climate control

A finished basement needs a dependable cooling and heating system. Most unfinished basements don't have floor-to-ceiling internal insulation. Usually, the foundation wall has insulation capacity, but not the type required in a finished space. 

Therefore, you must include the insulation price in the total renovation cost. Depending on the current state of the space, ask your contractors for recommendations regarding insulation. 

Adequate wiring and lighting

Natural light combines with basement light during the day. Hence, your basement's present lighting might be fitting for some purposes. However, that light isn't adequate for leisure use or regular work at all times. An incomplete basement doesn't have enough outlets required in a modern living environment. 

Before you start remodelling, you have to determine the light fixture and the outlet locations. Electricians can carry out modifications based on your projections. The goal is to neither underwire or over wire the basement for its anticipated use. 


The majority of house owners in the GTA who do basement renovations find the selection of furniture the most fun thing to do. It is entirely DIYable except for the professional delivery process. 

Your basement purpose and design determine your choice of furniture. If the basement is for hanging out and entertaining people, you can get away with saving money by buying less furniture. However, if it’s a bar or a den, you may need more furniture and fittings.

You may be wondering why furniture is an important part of how to plan for a basement renovation. Including all necessary furniture in your initial design and getting good deals will help you cut costs. Last-minute shopping will only increase the final furnishing bills. 

Planning Your Basement Renovation: A Recap

How you plan for your basement renovation is key to a successful basement renovation project. Firstly, some non-negotiables have to be in place. Non-negotiable like a detailed design, reasonable cost estimates and resilience to manage unexpected issues as the work progresses. When all these are in place, you're most likely to have a successful project. 

Renovating the basement will add a lot of value to your home in different aspects. Get in touch with us today to benefit from our first-class basement renovation services. Here at Basement Bro, our experienced renovators will provide you with a detailed plan, a cost estimate and design suggestions. Contact us today!


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