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5 Reasons Winter is a Good Time for Basement Finishing

5 Reasons Winter is a Good Time for Basement Finishing

Most homeowners in Vaughan and the GTA automatically assume that winter is not a good time for basement finishing. However, this is far from from the truth. Winters may be harsh, but it may just be the best time to focus on your basement finishing project.

Generally, people prefer summertime for home remodelling projects for obvious reasons. Reasons like more daylight hours and less-severe weather makes summer most people's favourite weather. However, most basement renovation tasks happen indoors. So, this renders the outside weather insignificant to the whole process.

In this blog, we will show you why winter may just be the best time for basement remodelling. Furthermore, we will highlight the considerations to make when doing basement remodelling in winter. To cap it off, we will provide effective tips to ensure your finished basement is toasty and warm. Let’s get into it!

Why Choose Winter For Basement Renovation?

Traditionally, winter has always been a period where activities reduce in intensity. The weather is prohibitively cold hence people slow down, and spend a lot of time resting. Although outdoor projects aren't possible during winter, it allows you to focus on indoor projects. 

Most homeowners plan their renovation project for winter. Usually, it is a way to keep you occupied during the long evenings. Furthermore, when spring arrives, you'll have one less project to worry about.

Warmer months tend to see an increase in the number of renovation or remodelling projects. However, a common misconception is that spring and summer are more suited for such projects. The fact that it's cold outside doesn't mean contractors can't work indoors. 

Another great thing about basements is that they're either fully underground or partially underground. They also always have doors that close off the space. This means when you open the window during renovation, it won't impact the heating comfort of your home. It's also easier to manage dust from construction work.


You really should consider doing basement finishing in the GTA during winter because it gets done faster. During this time, a lot of contractors are out of work and will be available to focus on your projects. Now let's discuss the reasons why winter is the best time for basement remodelling.

Reasons Basement Finishing in Winter is a Good Idea

When winter arrives, the last thing you want to think of is opening your house for construction. Perhaps you’re contemplating cozying up with a good book by the fireplace. Sure, this is a good idea. However, you may be missing a massive opportunity to remodel your basement.


Here are the reasons why you should get your basement remodelling done in winter. 

Contractor availability and other concerns

Expert builders tend to be less busy during winter because of unpredictable weather and busy summer months. The odds are high that a contractor that isn’t available during summer will be available to work during winter.

In the same vein, going for a winter vacation when you plan to renovate your basement will work for you and your contractors. While you're away, the inconvenience and disruption can be done quickly without any disturbances. Also, contractors work better, knowing there won't be any family underfoot during a renovation. 

Remember, the majority of the work will be done inside the basement. Furthermore, expert basement finishing contractors in the Greater Toronto Area use plastic barriers, zip doors or opposing pressure fans. As a result, the mess they create is easier to manage. 

Discount on materials

During summer construction months, most manufacturers increase the prices of basement renovation materials. In the peak summer months, the prices of materials such as windows, lumber, cabinetry and appliances will go up.

On the flip side, scheduling your renovation project for winter allows you to purchase these materials at the lowest prices. Besides, most home decoration items are on sale at massive discounts just before the holidays. 

The positive effect of this is that it reduces the overall cost of your basement finishing project. This extra money can be used to upgrade some amenities in your basement. 

Permit approval

Due to low activity, permits approval for basement finishing may come through quickly during winter. This same reason means inspection appointments are faster. 

It makes the building process extremely fast and efficient. If you're renovating because you plan to sell, winter is the best time to bring a realtor on board to plan marketing strategies.

More convenient scheduling

It's effortless to work during winter, especially when the process involves lighting, flooring and painting. Since there is less work to do, you don’t have to worry about your basement renovation contractor juggling multiple projects at the same time.

You'll also realize that your contractor will have more time to work on your project. With this, you're able to refine the details before work starts. Furthermore, the odds of the project getting completed on time increases exponentially.


Homeowners that believe the summer and spring months in the GTA are meant for construction are wrong, especially in the area of timing. If a project doesn't start until summer or spring, it will extend into the colder months. By the time the project is over, it is likely that you’ll be able to enjoy the finished basement fully. 

However, if you get your basement finishing done in winter, you’ll have all spring to enjoy it. Your new basement becomes so inviting for dinner parties during summer. Now that you realize basement finishing in winter is possible, let’s discuss the next step. In the next section, we will enlighten you on the factors you should consider before giving out the contract. 

Basement Finishing in Winter: Factors To Consider

It will be negligence on our part, not to mention the environmental aspects of doing basement finishing in winter. Firstly, the cold! Contractors will keep going out and coming into your house to do their jobs. Unavoidably, there will be some cold draft coming. However, that can be dealt with quickly. By containing your basement and hanging tarps, you will effectively reduce the cold coming in.

Another common concern is the environmental dangers of indoor constructions. During warmer periods, contractors can let plaster, concrete dust and wood out through open doors. Consequently, this preserves the quality of air and allows for a safe environment to work always.

Most times, people are discouraged from basement finishing in winter because of this factor. However, with a portable and proper ventilation system, professional basement don fishing contractors can work around that. 

How To Keep Your Basement Warm During Winter

With basement finishing, you include additional bedrooms and recreational rooms in the space. However, to enjoy these new features, you must ensure the basement is always warm. 

Basements are naturally insulated by the earth surrounding them. This keeps it relatively warm in winter and cool during summer. However, in most cases, the natural insulation is insufficient for making the basement comfortable. 

If your finished basement is too chilly for you during winter, here are some tips to help you keep your basement warm

Optimizing energy efficiency

The top four methods of keeping your basement warm during winter without generating additional heat include: 


  • Add insulation 

  • Seal and clean any crack or leaks in the walls, floors and foundation

  • Replace existing walkout doors with energy-efficient varieties 

  • Install wall-to-wall carpets


Before you invest in top-quality flooring, consider how dry your basement can get. If your basement floods frequently, you should resolve that issue before you install carpets. 

Adding new heat sources

Heating a cold basement yourself requires excellent effort. The process involves infrastructural improvements to the space, which also includes adding a heat source. Heat-adding options that will make your basement physically warmer include:


  • Install extra heat vents in the basement 

  • Install a heated floor 

  • Install an additional basement-specific heating system

  • Use an electric space heater 


Adding heat sources is a large part of a finished basement project. So make sure you install the right and safe heat sources. 


It might feel counterintuitive but don't dismiss the thought of finishing your basement in winter. Scheduling your basement renovation for winter makes for a more productive, less expensive and shorter partnership with your contractors. 

However, a word of caution. Outdoor work may not be safe in places that experience extreme cold or freezing rain. But even the harshest winters have some weeks of mild weather that allows building work to be done. Plan and be ready for periods of no activity in case the weather turns severe. With luck, you'll be able to complete your winter remodel project in record time and under budget.

If you need more answers, why don’t you speak to a professional basement renovation expert in the GTA. Here at Basement Bro, we have multiple years of experience carrying out basement renovation projects in winter. 

Contact us today for your basement remodelling and renovation services for this winter. We'll work with you to finish the project with minimal disruption to your daily life.


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