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16 Dec
How to Prevent Basement Humidity

If a group of 100 people are asked, “where’s the most humid place in your home?” Undoubtedly, a larger percentage of this group will mention their basement. Therefore, how to prevent basement humidity is one thing most homeowners should know, especially in the GTA, where most basements are attached to the house.


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08 Dec
How To Plan For Your Basement Renovation

Finishing your basement is an easy way to expand the habitable capacity of your home. If you’re renovating your basement, plans on how to renovate the basement become an important question that needs answers. 


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02 Nov
Timeline for Basement Renovation: How Long Does it Take?

The timeline for basement renovation varies. It depends on the complexity of the tasks that will go into finishing your basement. Your basement renovation may take you only a couple of days. In some cases, The standard time it takes to finish a basement is 4-8 weeks. Hence, you need to first determine what you want to do with the renovations.

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30 Oct
What is the Cost of Basement Renovations in The GTA?

The cost of basement renovations in the GTA depends on several factors, including the potential plan for the basement. For instance, the pricing for basement finishing depends on whether you are working with an open-plan or a more robust plan with kitchen and rooms. Renovating your basement is a great way to increase your home's value and reclaim more livable space.

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