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10 Sep

Dancing is a very popular activity today. If you love to dance, you might even love showcasing your skills on the streets or at talent shows.  The question is, “How well do you dance?” Do you dance awesomely like a spider on a hot plate? Or do you need to practise a lot on some dance moves? Whether you are good at dancing or not, if you really love dancing, you might want to have your own dance studio at home. If you have a basement, know that it can easily be converted into a place where you hustle up your moves. Here are some tips on using your basement as your own dance studio.

Have a good dance floor

Do consider for your basement a good dance floor. Commercial dance floors are designed specifically for dancing. They are made of excellent materials that are soft to land on and absorb shock – qualities that are definitely perfect for dance practices. One example of these kinds of floors is the sprung floor. So many dance studios nowadays are equipped with sprung floors. If you want, you can also consider going for rubber flooring. It is inexpensive and easy to clean.

Install huge mirrors

Probably the top thing that differentiates a dance studio from any kind of spacious room is a large mirror. Dance studios are equipped with mirrors – ones that usually take up one entire wall space. And sometimes, people make it a point to cover all of their wall space with mirrors. Mirrors will let you watch yourself as you work out your groovy moves. They will also help you have an idea on how precise or awkward you appear to be whenever you dance.

Minimize the clutter

It is important for your dance studio to be free from clutter as much as possible. If possible, never have any unnecessary furnishings in your dance studio. If you ever have furnishings, make sure they are small. Avoid big couches, tall closets, and anything that you might bump on.  Some people have a small cabinet for your basic items such as water bottles, workout equipment, and dance clothes. You can do that as well, but really try your best to remove as much clutter as possible.

Install a good sound system

You might also be interested to install a good sound system within your dance studio. What makes a basement perfect for a dance studio is that is structure provides perfect acoustics. So if you ever install a sound system for your dance studio, you would definitely enjoy high quality music as you practice your moves. Of course, you have to make sure you install a good audio system in order to ensure that. If you want, you can even install a home theatre system if you want to watch dance DVD’s.

Consider windows

Some people like their dance studio better without windows. And most basements today do not have windows at all. Without windows, people can practise as much as they want without having to fear other people who might laugh at them. Also, they do not want windows especially since they do not want to disturb others with their loud dance music. But whenever you practice in your dance studio, you would surely benefit from fresh outdoor air. So do consider having windows installed.

Install a drawing board

A drawing board can be very useful in a dance studio. It can come in the form of a blackboard or white board. On your drawing board, you can write your routines as well as the moves that you might have to practice for the day, or even for a longer period of time. Also on your drawing board, you can write various motivation texts so that you can be practising better and eventually performing better with your dancing. Attach a drawing board to any wall in your room.

Consider having a shower room

If you have a very big basement, you might want to consider having a shower room. A shower room does not have to be big. It can just have the ample space to help you shower off your sweat after you spend some time dancing. A shower room can also be very useful especially if you also do some exercise or workouts in your dance studio.

So how about it? Do you want to have some grooves that would make heads turn? Do you want to be the life of the party? Practise on your dancing daily! Your very own basement can definitely make a great private dance studio for you. If you ever need help with renovation and design, you can always contact Basement Bro. We at Basement Bro have turned so many dull basements into excellent home dance studios and if you have your own inspiration for your dance studio, let us make it come true for you!


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