30 Nov
Top Tips To Prevent Leaks With Basement Landscaping

You have been a very prudent homeowner taking all the responsibilities needed in order to keep your home a safer haven for you and your family. You have been religious when it comes to calling service providers who will clean your gutters and check on your downspouts. To your dismay, however, you have noticed that water damage and leaks are still there bothering you. It is sad to note that water damage uses all effort it can to find a way and intrude into your home even when you have followed waterproofing do's and don’ts accordingly.

Now, you are thinking of what else you can do to save your home from water damage and leaks. Many people overlook this option but one way to prevent water from coming in and bothering you is landscaping. You may raise an eyebrow on this idea but landscaping, you should remember, is more than just a solution to keep your home beautiful. Believe it or not, landscaping can help prevent leakages. Are you not so convinced with this? Well, read on to find out how basement landscaping can help with water damage intrusion.

Learn the basics of landscaping

Landscaping, whilst noted to be helpful in preventing leaks, can also give in to too much water absorption. There is such a thing as absorption limit when it comes to landscaping. When this limit is reached, expect that precipitation will soak up thus causing water to flow downwards. When you have noticed something is wrong with your landscaping because you have seen this worst-case scenario, then you have to check on it. Reviewing the basics will help you understand how you will be able to change the entire landscaping setup to your benefit.

Give your landscaping a check

Given the scenario above where precipitation has pooled up and water flow goes downwards, it pays then to give your landscaping a check. Checking on your landscape, however, should be done regularly. You have to make sure you are checking on it every season. Make sure that the landscape is not sloping towards your home. When checking on the landscape, it also pays to check if pipes, vents and drainage are free from any obstructions.

Always check on the gutters and downspouts

Checking the gutters and the downspouts can be a DIY task. Somehow, this responsibility will bore you a lot that you often neglect doing it. You will often say, "I can check on them later. I have other things to do." But mind you, you should never neglect your gutters and downspouts. It is a quick job and yes it will make you sweat but it is painless. If you find it difficult to clean and maintain gutters and downspouts, then you might as well ask someone who can do it for you.

Say no to overgrown shrubs and trees

Accept it. Who would want to see those overgrown shrubs and trees? They are eyesores not eye candies. If you intend to keep your basement away from leaks then you should make sure you trim leaves and branches of these overgrown trees and shrubs. This will help you prevent them from finding their way to block your gutters and downspouts.

Pay attention to your patio too

We all know that patios and pavements are concrete. This being said, they certainly cannot absorb whatever water that strikes them. However, since water will definitely drop on them in many instances, there is a tendency that these water drops will accumulate thus causing standing water. This very same standing water finds its way into the home thus causing leaks on basements and all other areas. In order to prevent this from happening, it would be good to have channel drains installed into the pavement. There should also be access to vents that will help catch water that comes out from the drain.

Grade your yard too

It would be good to grade your yard once you have taken steps in waterproofing your landscape. This will somehow offer a lot of other help when it comes to making your basement or any part of your home waterproof. You simply have to get your DIY guide ready and you will be able to do this job accordingly.

Calling a professional to solve your problem

Yes, you have exerted all the effort you can in order to make sure that basement landscaping will help prevent leaks in your home. However, if you are not so satisfied about what you did or you doubt you will be able to fulfill this task and achieve the results you have wanted, it is recommended to call a professional for help. Additionally, these professionals will be able to lend a helping hand when your water damage situation is extremely irreparable. They can help lessen your problem before it turns worse.


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