30 Nov
Top Considerations For Choosing Basement Window Well Covers

What are window wells? This is the first question you will ask when you want to know how these pieces will work for you. Window wells render access points to the windows found on your basement. They too can provide a soft, more alluring touch to your home's exteriors. What makes them even more great additions to your structure is the fact that they protect possibilities of debris collecting over open wells. Not to forget that they can also protect your child from the dangers of falling into these open wells.

With all these beautiful words said about basement window well covers, we bet that you would want to know how you can get one. When you are eager to make a purchase, remember to put the following on top of your considerations first. These considerations will help you get a real good buy.

Ask about the material with which the basement window well covers are made

You will find a variety of materials that will act as the basement window well cover. Sometimes, you might just settle for the usual bubble wraps that you think are perfect enough to act as covers to your window wells. Plastic bubble wraps can be damaged so easily though. It would be better to look for window well covers that are made from the more durable materials like steel, aluminum or polycarbonate. These materials are easier to maintain and are also durable enough to withstand any unfavourable condition that may cause your window wells to breakdown.

Make sure your choice of material meets your purpose for using one

There are a number of purposes served by basement window well covers and these ones have been detailed above. You should purchase window well covers that are made out of reinforced mesh if you intend to secure your children from falling into a trap or opening. Mesh covers are favoured by many because they can also bring more natural light into the basement. If you want to keep the debris out of the opening, then those with classic bars are great choices. In case you are after the sturdiness of the well cover, you can opt for polycarbonate materials.

Purchase one whose style complements your home's exterior

Make sure you get one that will complement how your home's exterior appears. It would be good to go for such options considering that passers-by might just take notice of the beautiful window well covers installed in your homes. You do not want them talking about how badly you have made a purchase.

Make sure it fits

You would surely want a perfect window cover fitting inside the window well. These ones are more secure and are capable of locking in place. When you have found such window covers, you can get rid of possibilities that the covers will bump off the window well frame.

You should pick the one with the right size

When selecting the right-sized well cover that will handle the opening, you should basically start by measuring the window's width, particularly that spot in the house where the well has been attached. Corresponding measurements between the centre point and that of the wall opening should also be undertaken. Make sure you also get the window well cover's height by measuring the length from the top of the well to that of the top of the window.

Go for covers that offer support

It should be able to support not just the frame but the weight of whoever or whatever may possibly step on the window deck.  Sometimes, window well covers can create an illusion that it is safe to walk on the decks but at certain points, that could mislead anyone and lead to accidents. Avoid such accidents by making sure that the covers you select can definitely provide support to the weight of that person who unintentionally tripped onto it. The cover shall serve as a barrier between the hard spot and that of the person's body.

Go for window well covers that are also supported

What does this mean? Well, you should opt for window well covers that come with a reasonable warranty with them. A warranty can help you covered in case of damage to the well covers within just a short span of time that you have purchased them. A window well cover's warranty should last at least several numbers of years.

Decide on the shape of your window well covers

There are certainly a lot of sizes to choose from. You have rounder well covers as well as rectangular versions. Elongated ovals are also available. You should make sure that the shape matches the shape of the window well that it will cover.

If you need help once you have purchased the right basement window well cover, you can always approach us. We will be willing to work on your project according to your specifications.

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