22 Jul
Thinking About Taking Charge of Your Basement Finishing?


At BasementBro we are good with our hands and talented in our craft. No wonder we love DIY projects around the home too. But any good DIY-er should realize: know when to stop. Basement finishing is something a lot of people think they can do on their own. As you look at your renovated basement, you see a blank canvas. “Just a little drywall there, some tiling here…”, your mind races. And very soon 12 months have passed and your as-yet-unfinished basement has become a storage bunker.

If you want your basement finishing done right, call the professionals. It’ll save you time, money and you know you’ll get the basement you always wanted. Let’s consider some questions people ask before beginning a basement finishing DIY and see how the pros will be able to do it better.

Where can I find material for basement finishing?

You’ll go to Home Depot or Lowe’s to buy panelling, wiring and plumbing. Think that’s a big selection? It’s not. You have to pick up whatever they have in stock and that’s it. Professional basement finishing contractors can open up a wide variety of material and finishing options for you. In fact, we work with top project managers who can connect you to some very exciting options indeed.

How long does it to finish a basement?

Start the project yourself and you will have to sideline it occasionally for family, work and other callings of life. No wonder so many DIY basement finishing projects are left unfinished or have to be completed hastily. Get a contractor and their job will be to deliver a finished basement come snow or shine. For a team of professionals working together, it can take a few weeks or months to get the basement to the exact finish you desire. Once you contract us, you know your basement finishing will be done at the best possible speed.

How much will it cost me to finish my basement?

Again, when you buy materials and tools for your basement finishing, you will be buying at retail and be paying retail prices. Your contractor can source materials at a lower cost from wholesale. A basement finishing contractor can also enjoy economies of scale. What you save on material cost can be used on decorations. Or getting a beer and feeling smug you got such a great deal.

Do I need a permit to do basement finishing myself?

Started basement finishing yourself? You may be violating building code, home insurance and mortgage conditions! Basement finishing involves electrical circuitry, plumbing, adhering to fire code and more. Basically, there are many modalities in basement finishing that people don’t realize. For instance, in Toronto, a building permit may be required if you are making material alterations to the building – like when your basement finishing is extensive.

I can wire the basement on my own, right?

For major electrical projects such as basement renovation and finishing, insurers and banks will often ask that licensed electricians carry out the work. Wire it yourself and it’s possible you may have to get all your work redone by a licensed professional. How else will they issue a letter of completion? Save yourself the hassle of having to get your basement rewired and call the professionals to do it in the first place.


Affordable Basement Finishing

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to go down the DIY route is because of the misconception that professional basement finishing will be far too expensive. That is simply not the case. At BasementBro, our services are extremely affordable. And we make sure you get great value for the services we provide.

Speak to our team to also get great financing options for your basement renovation and finishing. And don’t forget, a well-made basement will raise the value of your home.

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