30 Nov
Switching Your Basement Into An Amazing Wine Cellar

Ask any wine enthusiast who stays true to their art, and they will tell you that all wine collections require proper storage. They will also tell you that conventional kitchen cabinets are not made for the job. Hence, building a wine cellar is one of the best choices to provide your expensive wine collections a proper home. One of the best locations in your home to consider is definitely your basement. In this article, you will learn the top tips of transforming your plain-looking basement into something that is amazing.

Invest in an HVAC system to control climate

A basement wine cellar has to be at a certain temperature at all times and some people may consider installing a HVAC system. HVAC is simply known as Heating, Ventilation and Cooling, and it is a system that provides their owners with cleaner air, and a healthier and a more comfortable indoor environment. Drop and rises of temperature may result in excessive moisture build-up, which is detrimental to your wine collections. Hence, an HVAC system maintains a consistent level of moisture and ensures the air within your basements circulates to welcome drier and cooler outside air when necessary.

Ensure proper insulation in your basement

Certain basement installations may require increased energy consumption but a well insulated basement can do wonders in reducing the aforementioned costs. Surveys pertaining to newer buildings show that basements that are not insulated may contribute up to 50% of heat loss, even if the rest of the house is insulated above grade. It is not surprising that many existing homes, which were constructed with older construction practices, fall under this category. Older construction practices tend to overlook the insulation properties of foundation walls and the amount of heat loss was never monitored.

You can also control your basement's temperature through insulation. This technique works well for homeowners who can't afford an HVAC system. However, insulation depends greatly on your geographic location, so a consultation with a professional to assess your basement needs is highly recommended.

Stainless steel helps create a contemporary look

Wine cellars do not necessarily need to be just about its functionality and possess a lack of aesthetics. If you are fretting over the materials to use for your wine cellar racks, stainless steel is one of the materials that give you that contemporary feel and look. Additionally, stainless steel ensures your racks won't off-gas. This is an important to take note, some building materials contain volatile organic compounds, which might evaporate over time and affect the air quality of your wine cellar.

Take advantage of any available space

Sometimes you may not need to use up all the space in your basement, especially if your basement has limited space. Certain parts of your basement may have been occupied with a small storage area or closet, and those spaces should suffice. If you are not adept at repurposing spaces or in the interior design field, you can always consult with a basement reconstruction specialist or similar to aid you in your perils.

Prevent poor air qualities from corrupting your wine collections

If the quality of your interior's air is poorly maintained, airborne contaminants may form over time. Volatile organic compounds are the main contributors to the above contaminants, and they may be present in certain paints you use or even the building materials in your basement and wine cellar. Hence, always ensure that important surfaces of wine cellar is finished and treated with zero-VOC paints.

Wood with natural finishes are ideal choices

The best looking basement wine cellars often go for a traditional look. Wood that has a natural finish on it tends to create a timeless look and never goes out of style. Additionally, the aforementioned type of wood is low maintenance and only requires mineral oil as its finish. Some popular choices are cypress, walnut, mahogany, oak, maple and cherry hardwood. You can allocate these types of wood to build the flooring and walls of your wine cellar, plus well-maintained wood tends to emit a pleasant scent fit for a wine cellar.

Ever heard of using software programs to manage your wine cellar?

Homeowners who own an extensive range of wine collections should consider taking advantage of a few software programs that provide a systematic way of marking or categorizing their wine racks and etc. Additionally, you can use these programs to keep track of your current inventory and you can easily top a particular wine if they seem to be running out fast. Some programs even provide French enamelled alphanumeric tags, which are practical and pleasant to the eyes.

Use lighting that are dimmable

When it comes to the selection of appropriate lighting for your basement wine cellar, many professionals suggest that homeowners go for Cree LEDLRP-38 bulbs that utilize standard dimmers. The quality of light that it provides is closely similar to what some of the best halogen lights can offer.

If you require assistance with basement renovations, don't hesitate to drop us a call. At Basement Bro, we are your brothers in the making of your dream wine cellar!


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