30 Nov
Replacing Basement Windows And Doors Due To Mould Problems

The wrong windows or doors in a basement can cause it to suffer costly damages and fail to maintain proper temperature and moisture levels. Without a well-maintained basement, you may lose the chance of creating another functional room in your home. Basements have the potential to improve the inward appearance of one's home by allowing it to be transformed into a place for entertainment, facilitate family gatherings or even a personal sauna room. To preserve your basement's potential or make sure it complements the rest of your home, you have to start from the windows and doors. For example, some homes may be susceptible to mould problems, and in this article, you will learn how to overcome the problem and get the right replacement.

An introduction to basement doors and windows

Basement windows are responsible for letting much needed light into your basement to help create a sense of cosiness and warmth. A dimly lit basement with no consistent source of light may appear dull and uninviting. Hence, that is the reason why most basements are neglected in one's home. Apart from being a storage area, it is rare that someone turns it into a personal to read or relax. However, that is something of the past; many basements have been transformed into awesome living spaces such as basement bars, wine cellars, movie theatres, game rooms and even a fully-functional guest room. That is the magic of basement windows – once there is light, homeowners start to see the potential of transforming their basements into something amazing with practical qualities.

Doors, on the other hand, serve much more practical purposes. It works in tangent with the windows to maintain air circulation and moisture levels. Mould problems are common in crawlspaces or basements that have poor air circulation, thus good doors and windows are essential to keep the aforementioned problems at bay.

Excessive moisture levels in basement affect windows and doors

If you suspect having poor air circulation in your basement, you can feel that initial hit of humidity upon entering the space. If you let the problem sit for too long, it will affect the condition of your basement's fixtures during the period of negligence, i.e., your basement windows and doors.

If you wish to avoid any extensive cost of repairs, you may want to perform routine checks on your basement (if it is not renovated yet). You can perform the task by using a hygrometer to measure the moisture levels of your basement over a number of days. Take readings two to three times a day and pen it down on a organized chart. If the readings are over 45% on a consistent basis, there is a high chance mould is growing and immediate action must be taken.

Sometimes the damages may be beyond repair and the best solution is to replace the entire set of windows and doors and not chalk up the costs of recurring repairs.

When to replace basement windows and doors

The signs and symptoms of a failing window are quite obvious. If you notice water seeping through the corners of your basement window or drafts of cold air when the window is closed shut, there are cracks and decay around its frame. Applying fillers and putty to close up any breaches around the frame may not be the best solution, thus you should just replace it.

Similarly, your basement doors can be affected with the same issues as the windows. Be it cold air or water leakage entering from the door's frame, you need to replace the doors as soon as you can to prevent the elements from entering your main living area.

Protect your windows by maintaining your water well

Certain homes come with window wells, and they can cause water leakage within a basement. During rainy seasons, an uncovered window well can accumulate debris, dirt and water. Hence, ensure that you perform a proper clean up before the stormy season arrives or you can invest in a window well cover to prevent the elements from affecting your basement windows.

How to choose the right replacement windows and doors

Choosing the right basement doors only requires a straightforward approach but the windows need extra attention. Windows come in several sizes, inserts and options and you are recommended to work with a basement specialist to decide which types work for your home. Additionally, you may also need to decide whether you need a single pane or double pane basement window as well as vinyl or aluminum replacement inserts. If replacement windows and doors are chosen right, you can see a drastic difference in your basement's natural lighting, climate conditions and air quality.

Choosing the right windows or doors should be an easy process and hassle-free. At Basement Bro, we have a wide range of quality-focused basement windows and doors to best fit your needs.

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