05 Mar
How Long Does it Take to Do a Full Basement Renovation?

Your in-laws are preparing to move in with you, in less than 2 months, and you’re worried sick that you don’t have sufficient space to accommodate them in your house. Well, why not opt for a basement renovation

Not only will remodeling your basement help you optimally use household space, but also, undoubtedly, contribute to increasing the value of your home in the real estate market. Additionally, turning your basement into an in-law suite will also help you gain the required privacy needed for marital life.

Now, in general, most basement remodeling projects are accomplished in less than a month. However, depending on your area, the condition of the basement, electrical facilities, and the contractors, the time required for a basement makeover can vary. If you’ve already contacted a trusted contractor, then, this blog will elucidate the various methods used in basement remodeling that’ll help you gather insights on the project timelines.

Let’s Begin:

Basement Remodeling Timeline as Per Procedure:

  1. Framing

Framing is the first step to basement remodeling and generally takes less than 5 days depending on the size of the cellar. Your selected renovators will, first, do away with the walls to reshape the room. Then, they will add essentials like bulkheads, which are additional framings required for your basement. These can be gas lines, HVAC runs, water lines, etc.

  1. Next Comes Electricity and Plumbing

After the necessary framing, the basement renovators will work on electrical and plumbing outlets. The approximate time taken for this is 3-5 days depending on the amount of work to be done. The electrical engineers collaborating with your renovation company will work on adding switches, outlet boxes, vanity lights, run wires to box locations, etc.

The plumber in association with your basement reconstruction company will work to implement water lines in the bathroom, toilet, and vanity. He will then restructure concrete, should it require channeling plumbing lines to drains and toilets. Additionally, your contractors will also run water lines up to a wet bar if required.

  1. Calling the Rough-in Inspector

In the province of Ontario, every basement renovation needs to be approved by a city inspector, before the contractor proceeds with remodeling. Hence, once your selected company finishes off with the above two procedures, they will call the city inspector. Approximately taking a day, once the rough-in inspector approves of the necessary changes, the contracting company starts the next procedure.

  1. Installing Drywall

Taking almost a day to a day and a half, the first process of installing drywalls begins with hanging the sheetrock. This is trailed by installing the dry walls and then the walls. After the completion of the drywall, your contractors will work on mudding and taping; approximately 3 layers of mudding are needed and it is applied to the seams of the sidewall. The mudding takes a day to dry up, and, then, it’s followed by another layer until the drywall is ready for texturing.

Note: Before the process of texturing is done, consult your contractor and decide the type of texturing you covet. You can either opt for an orange peel, smooth or a knockdown finish, depending on your home condition.

  1. Trimming

Approximately taking 2-3 days, the trimming is another vital part of a basement makeover. By now, your basement has already begun to resemble the coveted in-house suite for your in-laws. Your basement renovator will now send in a carpenter to fix the door, and the window casings, along with the door. After this is accomplished, you can bring in the cabinetry into your cellar.

  1. Painting

Once the trimming is completed, painting takes place. Your basement renovators will work on sealing and evening out the walls, followed by painting the nail holes. Once the room is done, they will work on the windows and the doors. Now, this entire procedure doesn’t take more than 2 days. However, if your basement is quite big, it can take up to 3 days.

  1. Flooring and Touch up

Last but not least, your basement remodeling company will install the required tiles, carpets or other options, like wooden floors, to finish off the basement completely. This will be followed by a proper touch up that includes:

  • Installation of the switch plate, electrical outlets and lighting fixture
  • Installing changes in toilets, shower fixes, and faucets
  • Touching up paints and odd ends

Now, the entire procedure will take approximately 6 days and your basement will soon be ready. Once everything is done and dusted, your basement renovators will again contact a city inspection official, who will approve of the project. Once the project is approved, your basement is ready to be used as per your wish. The entire procedure takes approximately 4-8 weeks to be wrapped up.

If you’ve contacted reliable contractors then chances are you’ll get the best results in less than 5 weeks. However, first, convey your needs to your basement remodeling company and let them access the given space for telling you approximate finish time.

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